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Title: Install Grub on Hardware RAID
Post by: Marook on 2013-07-17, 16:40
Any installation of Ubuntu on a hardware raid system will end up in an error while installing grub.
The message just show, an critical error attempted....
I'll summarize it below.

At the stage of the install where it is attempting to install GRUB it will detect as

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This is incomplete! That's why the GRUB install fails.

You need the actual name of the RAID array to install to. So during that step, press ctrl+alt+F2 to drop to a busybox terminal, then enter

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ls -l /dev/mapper
Pick out the name of your array from the list shown, then press ctrl+alt+F1 to switch back to the install (you can switch back and forth as much as you like with no problems) and enter it in the field as

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/dev/mapper/{your array name}
then GRUB installs perfectly and you're ready to go, with a proper BIOS RAID array intact.