[Ubuntu] Reset MySQL root password

If you lost your mysql root password, you can use the default maintenance user called debian-sys-maint to reset your password. This user is created within the installation of mysql and can be used to do administrative jobs.

First of all, we need the password of this u

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Install Zentyal from USB drive

Zentyal does have A "PROBLEM" in it's installer (since the 'old ebox days')
"Right after keyboard identification the installer insists on accessing the cdrom"  :-[ ...and the stick is (mostly) /dev/sdb1)

I am currently inst

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Install Grub on Hardware RAID

Any installation of Ubuntu on a hardware raid system will end up in an error while installing grub.
The message just show, an critical error attempted....
I'll summarize it below.

At the stage of the install where it is attempting to install GRUB it will detect as

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Upgrade to newer MySQL versions e.g. 5.5.27

If you want to upgrade your existing mySQL installation, you can upgrade to the latest version stored in your repositories. In my case, i had a ubuntu 10.04.03 LTS running MySQL Server 5.1 and i wanted to upgrade it to MySQL Server 5.5.2x.

First off all, remove your existing installation

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Any new pages about html or css i'll find, will be posted here :)

CSS3 BoxShadow
HTML5 Responsive Design

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